At Concord, there are several ways to get involved in how God is blessing the Church, the community, and the world. Everyone who comes to faith in Jesus Christ has been given a set of spiritual gifts, unique to themselves, which the Lord longs to use for the expansion of His Kingdom - and ultimately, to make Himself known. 

As followers of Christ, we are encouraged to combine faith with works in a way that glorifies God by moving others towards Him. Scripture makes it clear that works alone do not save us from our sin, but that they are an overflow of the gratitude we have received from all He has done for us (James 2:17). 

While our desire is not to allow our team to reach burnout, we certainly hope to encourage one another in perfecting our faith through service to Him (James 2:22).

Browse through the listed sections to gain a better understanding of how you're being called to serve the Lord alongside of Concord.

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