Scroll through these images for a photo timeline of how we ended up here.

Concord Baptist Church was constituted in February of 1851, when eleven members of Mt. Yonah, Wahoo, and Holly Springs Baptist Churches joined together. The community was at this time known as “Dip,” because of a significant dip in the tracks of the original railroad that passed through Clermont from Gainesville. Later this community became known as “Concord” because of the church located here, but finally the town was named Clermont, originating from the two words, “clear mountain.” 

William West was chosen as the first pastor and the membership adopted the “Baptist Articles of Faith” and the “Rules of Decorum.” The meeting days were the second Sunday and proceeding Saturday of each month.  Soon after its organization, the church voted to affiliate with the Chestatee Baptist Association. In 1873, the church transferred its membership to the Chattahoochee Baptist Association and has remained an active part of this association. In 1900, Concord went to “half-time” by including the fourth Sunday as a preaching day; and in 1953, the church went “full-time” when it called its first full-time pastor and began meeting every Sunday. The names of all pastors that have served Concord since 1851 are engraved in the glass windows located in the chapel.

The first church building, which was located one-half mile north of the present location, was a log house furnished with split-log seats and was used for 21 years. A box building was later constructed in 1872 and was used for 10 years. In 1897, a new house of worship was erected on the present site and was used for 37 years. Then in 1919, the present brick building was constructed and the old building was moved across the street and made the Chattahoochee School. In 1950, the Sunday School educational annex was constructed (now used as our staff offices) and the steeple was added ten years later. (However, in 1992, strong winds blew off the old steeple, causing it to land harmlessly across the ground and parking lot.) The year 1960 also saw the addition of the front columns to the chapel. In 1990, a 10,000 square foot education and fellowship building was added on to keep pace with the continued growth. In April of 1999, a multi-purpose building was completed, serving as a temporary worship center as well as a children’s education facility.

One new construction phase was called “The Imagine Campaign.” This education building was completed in Fall of 2008 and designed for children and students, grades Kindergarten through 12th grade and featured an activity building for games and recreational usage as well as classroom space for each age grade.


In 2014, we completed a $750,000 project called “2nd Mile.”  This project included the completion of the lower level of the “C” Building, enabling us to have a dedicated student ministry center. The church parking lot was expanded during this project, as well as the creation of a Welcome Center.


Also in 2014, Concord adopted the “777 Vision.”  This vision is that in 7 years, we would plant  7 campuses, and focus our efforts to support missions in 7 different countries. Our first “Campus Pastor” began work toward our first satellite campus in August of 2014 and the Concord at Mt. Yonah satellite is now meeting at 52 Helen Hwy in Cleveland. Our second and third campuses, Concord at Habersham and Concord at Dahlonega, began meeting on Easter of 2017, and a Bilingual Campus launched January 2019.